Year 3, Day 287

img_8419Saturdays are made for the mall; really, they are.  You were so good that I let you pick out a new Thomas the Train car.  You got Merlin the Invisible, which is a shiny chrome three-car set.


Year 3, Day 266

img_8212We had to explain to you today the concept of not buying something every time we go to a store.  Last time we were in Barnes & Noble playing with the Thomas the Tank Engine set, we ended up buying you a toy train or train car.  This time, daddy had to explain that we were not going to buy you a train, and he had to make you okay with it.  I think it was equally hard on you both!

Year 3, Day 203

img_7438Today, Daddy went to play in a Magic tournament, so we spent some quality time together.  When Daddy came home, we went to the mall and played with butterflies!  We were able to feed the painted ladies with some Powerade on a q-tip and move them from the plant to my arm.  You were a little scared of the big Monarch butterflies.