Day 192

IMG_2308Your core strength is improving every day.  You’ve started rolling over on your changing table, and you basically turn flips in your crib.  You think it’s funny.  Not very funny when you all but shimmy yourself off the changing table.  It’s a really good thing I’m strong enough to lift you with one hand… by your ankles… while you’re wiggling and twisting… and gently put you back on the changing table…


5 Months!

IMG_1763You’re 5 months old today, kiddo!  Where has the time gone?  You’re still the happiest boy ever.  In addition to everything from month four, you’ve mastered the following:

  • respond to your own name
  • explore with hands and mouth
  • transfer objects between hands
  • distinguishes emotions by tone of voice
  • interested in mirror images
  • finds partially hidden objects
  • flirt, with baby girls and grown women alike

While you were with dad at the PGA SuperStore the other day, you met a little girl named Amanda.  You had an entire conversation with her, cooing and babbling.  Your facial expressions are becoming more and more expressive every day.  You’re loving cereal and discovering new sensations with your mouth and hands.  Your allergies are still bad, and you still have a cough and congestion (Spring is not your time of year).  I have a feeling that you’re going to be sitting, crawling, and almost walking within a couple weeks!