Year 3, Day 199

img_7385You went to the doctor today.  You’re 40″ tall and only 31 lbs.  So, you’re taking after both dad and me… tall and skinny!  As a reward for being so good at the doctor, dad took you to the spray park.


Year 2, Day 283

It’s Monday, and we should be dropping you off at daycare before we go on vacation… but your rash looks really bad.  Grandma came over early to watch you while we got ready to leave for the airport, and then she took you in to the doctor.  You have hand-foot-and-mouth disease…

Year 2, Day 104

So, today was your 15 month checkup with the doctor.  You’re 35 inches tall and 28 pounds.  Within the last 3 months, you’ve grown 2 inches and gained 2 pounds.  Since you’re so strong and climbing, the doctor said that we’re not to take our eyes off of you for one second.  You have some fluid in your ears still, but nothing the doctor is concerned about.  We need to start putting Aquaphor on your cheeks to help with the redness/dryness.  When you throw a tantrum, we’re supposed to ignore you.