Year 3, Day 223

img_7660You got to go to the water park and have Andy’s frozen custard today.  That’s what happens when you’re super good at school all week long!


Year 3, Day 2

img_4869We had our 2 year old check up with the doctor today.  You’re perfect; super tall and developing on schedule.  You got 2 shots today, so we took you to Hope Park as a reward.

Day 6

IMG_0371Day 6 was a Wednesday, and it was the first doctor appointment post hospital.  This was the first time we got to meet your pediatrician since he was on vacation when you were born.  We really like him and trust him; he’s the same pediatrician that mom’s doctor uses for her kids.  You had a great visit with the doctor.  You put back all your birth weight, your heart and lungs sounded good, and overall, you’re perfect (which your dad and I already knew). 🙂 The doctor appointment took a little longer than we anticipated, and it was right in the middle of your feeding schedule, so we ended up feeding you at the doctor’s office.  You were fine with that.

After the doctor, we went to the mall and walked around a little.  Dad’s a master at using your stroller as a battering ram.  After all, it is the holiday season and the mall was quite crowded.  You slept the entire time we were at the mall.  I’m pretty sure the motion of the stroller lulls you sleep, with which I’m totally fine.