Year 2, Day 289

img_3821Why yes, that IS the right way to hold a putter… πŸ˜‚


Year 2, Day 127

You wore yourself out today!Β  We had gym class like normal, then we went to McDonald’s for the musical Play Place, you had a nap, we went to see Emersyn and Cooper, and finally we went to the PGA Tour Superstore. Β  You slept really good all night long, but you didn’t go to bed until really late.Β  Hopefully, you’ll wake up happy tomorrow, eat a ton, and go to sleep like normal.

Year 2, Day 29

IMG_3943Oh, the mall, how I loathe thee.Β  You were in full terror mode today, kiddo.Β  We had to get you out of the house and keep you occupied, so we went to the mall… ugh.Β  You had your ‘lean on’ today πŸ™‚

We also stopped by PGA and dad hit some drivers, but he’s still looking for the perfect one.

Year 2, Day 15

IMG_3866Oh shopping, how I loathe thee.Β  But, making the outing to the PGA Tour Super Store was worth it for dad.Β  Plus, you did really well for the most part.Β  What surprised me even more is that you sat through dinner with dad and me.Β Β  We found out during dinner that you’re a huge fan of pulled chicken and refried beans.Β πŸ™‚ We still went to the mall after.

Day 275

IMG_3263Sunday funday! Β Uncle Tim came over to see you and hold you before he and dad went to play golf. Β Tim says that you’ve gotten so big so fast; he’s not wrong! Β We had dinner with grandma and Uncle Tony today, too. Β You and dad did some more running around, but he’ll have to fill you in on that.