Day 361

IMG_3767Such a tired little superhero.   You had a really busy day.  The day started with you making your diaper explode during breakfast… after I was all ready for work… and you got poop everywhere… so you got a bath, again, this morning.  Poop was on the wall, on the floor, in your booster seat, on me, all over you… EVERYWHERE!  You threw up at school and came home in emergency clothes.  You were super tired but we still managed to get a bath at night.  Since your congestion is so bad, we gave you a breathing treatment.  It made you cough a little, but you slept through the night.

Day 318

IMG_3576So, we made the mistake of feeding you too much yogurt yesterday.  Poop everywhere this morning!  And we got a big surprise when we picked you up from school… two new facial bruises.  Apparently, you fell and used your head to catch yourself.  Between the nose scrape, the sty, and the two new bumps and bruises, it looks like you went 10 rounds with Floyd Mayweather.  Sheesh, kid, you’re a hot mess!

Day 233

IMG_2714We’ve decided that you rock the tank tops, buddy.  That’s all we want you to wear now that it’s summer.

Grandma watched you again today, and you did not have an easy day.  You puked all over grandma and pooped on the floor.  Bad Basher!  Not really, but we’re not sure what was making you sick.  I think it might have been your teeth giving you pain and trouble.  But you still slept through the night!

Day 132

IMG_1612Surprise, grandma picked you up from school today!

I’m not sure what’s up with your schedule lately, but you’ve been waking up a little early… like 5am.  What happened to sleeping until 6:30?  And, you pooped 4 times today… 4!  We got you to eat cereal today, and you liked it better than the first time.  I mixed it with formula instead of water.  You’re getting to the point that when you see your bottle, you reach for it and pull it toward your open mouth.  When we did FaceTime with dad, you got so excited and didn’t want to fall asleep.

You’ve found your feet, and you hang on to them.  I have a feeling that sitting up by yourself is going to happen any day now…