Year 3, Day 304

img_8580This is about the best pose I could get out of you this afternoon.  You had an awesome day at school today!  And Gaga came home from Ireland today, and we got to see her for a little bit.


Christmas Day

IMG_0715Day 41: Christmas Day; your first Christmas.  The first Christmas that your dad and I were together was spent in an airport trying to get to London.  The day started off great, but when snow and icy weather hit DFW airport, our flight was delayed, and delayed, and cancelled, and rebooked, and then delayed.  We’ll tell you the story one day, likely when we have to make another trip to London.  Last year, your dad and I spent Christmas in Las Vegas and we had an amazing time.  This year, we’re making new traditions with you.

We had such a great day, minus some crying episodes from you.  You just want to stay awake all the time and you wear yourself out… and then you get cranky.  I finally got you to sleep, but then it was time to open presents.  We made out like bandits, kiddo, but Christmas isn’t all about the presents.  Eventually, we’ll teach you the meaning of Christmas.  We’ll teach you the religious version, but since we’re not religious, we’ll let you choose what you want to believe.  Exception: you WILL believe in Santa… or you won’t get any presents!