Day 80

IMG_1078LOOK AT YOU!  You’re at the big kids’ table!  You’re still trying to find your balance with that huge noggin of yours.  You went to reach for the toy and bumped your head, but you were okay.  This is your favorite toy at school.  You stare at it so intensely, like it’s the world and you’re planning to take it over!

Other than that, you’re still acting like you’re growing.  You’re eating a ton, drooling, sleeping, and pooping.  Your congestion goes away a little more each day and you can breathe better through your nose.  Your cough has pretty much gone away entirely.  We saw on the news last night that RSV is rampant in North Texas, filling up all the rooms at the Children’s hospitals.  Your cousins, JJ and Bryson, had it too.  Thank goodness we’re over that!


Day 77

IMG_1002Boy, did I ever jinx us yesterday!  You didn’t sleep AT ALL last night!  I mean, seriously.  Your dad and I maybe got an hour here and there, but we were awake for most of the night with you.  You were SO far off your normal schedule that I ended up taking you into school about an hour late.

I think your allergies and this pesky sickness are the reasons you’re not sleeping well.  You’re not coughing as much anymore, but you still have all that residual congestion in your nose.  We ran out of baby saline nasal drops this morning, so we went to the store after we picked you up from day school.

Side note: you’re such a stud at school; everyone loves you.  You’re the happiest of babies!

Day 76

IMG_1001Okay, kiddo, you MUST be hitting a growth spurt.  You’re eating and sleeping a ton!  You slept almost 11 hours the last two nights.  So crazy that you’re not even 3 months old and sleeping through the night so consistently.

I think your allergies are bothering you right now.  It seems like you inherited more of your dad’s allergies than mine.  You still have your cough and all the lovely congestion from your RSV, and you’re sneezing a bunch.  No more walks for a while, deal?  Let’s hope that your allergies don’t keep you awake tonight!

Day 71

IMG_0958Oh yes, you were a handful today.  This is a picture of you in your carseat, sans clothes.  You’re not wearing clothes because you puked all over the ones you were wearing, and then you did the same thing with the spare set we had in the diaper bag!

We decided to take you over to Grandma Recer’s today for a fun visit.  You were great until 20 minutes into our visit, and then you started crying… and it was about time for you to eat.  Well, I think all the mucus you’re swallowing with this illness is getting your belly upset, and drinking “milk” isn’t helping with that.  Grandma fed you, but you about a quarter way into the bottle, you decided that all of that needed to come back up.  It was like a fountain of milk was pouring out of you.  It’s a good thing Grandma Recer has a leather couch!  You got puke everywhere, so we got you changed, and grandma changed, and we cleaned up the vomit.  And then you burped, so it was back to feeding.  And then it happened again!  After the second time, we packed you up and said goodbye to grandma.  Grandma made you a beautiful blanket that she was trying to keep as a present, but we needed today… since we didn’t have any clothes for you.  Parenting FAIL.

The rest of the evening was spent at home trying to get you to settle down.  We finally got you to sleep a little.  Once you woke up, I fed you and we didn’t have any problems.  Then you got a breathing treatment and promptly fell back asleep.  Oh, what a day!

Day 70

IMG_0950This is your final day of grandma-care.  It’s been a long week with you being sick and all.  You have loved having grandma here, but it’s time to get back to our normal schedule.

You didn’t run a fever at all today!  You were really drool-y so I decided to give you one of the teething toys we had in the refrigerator.  You loved it! It made you smile and coo, and you were just so happy 🙂

Day 69

IMG_0926Look who’s feeling better!  A little albuterol treatment, a little saline nose spray, lots of sleep, and voila!  You’re almost completely better.  You’re still not out of the woods with the fever and stuff, but you’re getting there.

Dad has started referring to your albuterol as your “super soldier serum” because it makes you talk, very hyper, and want to use your legs.  Super soldier serum is how Captain Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, got his powers.

Dad and I think that you’re right hand dominant.  We don’t notice you reaching out and grabbing for things so much, but we definitely notice that you like to push off, hit mom in the face, and grab on to our fingers with your right hand/fist.  And when you do grab on to toys, it’s usually with your right hand.  So far, the keys are your favorite.  I think it’s because they are the smallest toy and easiest for you to grip.

Day 68

IMG_0921Dad came home from Denver today and couldn’t wait to love on you.  Everyone from dad’s work was checking on you, too.  We all want you to get better ASAP, kiddo.

When your dad was giving you the breathing treatment today, he made a comment about your little purple dragon mask.  “Didn’t they have a blue one?” I said, “No.”  “Did you ask?”  “Yes, and the nurse looked at me and shook her head.”  “Well, I’m glad we’re on the same page with that.” 🙂 You sound better today than you did yesterday, so I’m pretty sure that the albuterol is working.

You were still running a little fever today (between 99.7 and 100), so we put Tylenol in some of your bottles.  It seems to help.  Doc said that if your fever ever gets to 100.4 or above, then you have to go back and see them again.  I’ve been taking your temperature every hour; not that I’m overreacting or anything.  You’re getting better; I know you are.  You must not be feeling too bad because you still slept all through the night!