Year 2, Day 55

img_0659We picked you up from school a little early today and decided to go out to your favorite restaurant, Twin Peaks, for dinner.  In hindsight, that wasn’t the smartest idea we’ve ever had.  Yes, this was the first time that we’ve had to leave a restaurant prematurely because you weren’t having any part of it (as in crying and screaming).  Tonight just wasn’t the night to go out to eat, apparently 🙂

Year 2, Day 52

img_4074Back to the grind!  Today was the first day back to school and work from our vacation.  You did really well with everything, and you were super tired when we got home.  You didn’t want to eat dinner or anything; you just wanted to take a bath, have a bottle, and go to bed.  I’m so impressed with your cognitive skills, as in you know where the food is kept (pantry, fridge, and microwave) and point to those places.

Day 231

IMG_2712Dad got you some new clothes when he bought your first pair of pajamas.  Here you are modeling your new duds.  Grandma came over and watched you in the morning, and then we ran some errands with you.  With all the pain from teething, you’ve wanted to sleep more during the day, which has been throwing off your schedule.  We thought that getting you out of the house would help stimulate your senses and keep you awake longer.  You’re still sleeping through the night, but we don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Day 186

IMG_2227You have learned to hold things with your index finger and thumb, and you’ve learned how to wave objects.  That’s pretty much what you were doing in this picture… before you put the teething ring in your mouth.

You were exhausted from school today!  You fell asleep before 7 and were sprawled out on your tummy when dad kissed you goodnight.

Day 121

IMG_1541We had a great day today!  You slept in a little, you weren’t too fussy, you played really hard and slept during the day, and you went to bed on time.  I think you’re back on schedule!

Grandma Chapman came over and spent the morning with you while dad and I went to Top Golf, GolfTec, and the grocery store.  Other than that, we stayed at home and had a nice time being inside and comfortable.

Day 120

IMG_1540Today was your first time out to a restaurant in a while!  I mean, we’ve taken you to Fuzzy’s, but that doesn’t really count.  This is a real restaurant.  When you were at the restaurant, we put you in the car seat sling and up against the table.  You weren’t too happy about that, so you put your feet up agains the table and pushed yourself back away from the table.  So STRONG!

Our adventure yesterday kind of threw off your schedule, so you weren’t that happy today.  We had even planned on taking you to Aunt Karin’s birthday party, but that wasn’t in the cards.  We need to work on getting you back on your schedule.

Day 104

IMG_1368Another crazy weather day!  It was really cold.  No ice and no snow, but still below freezing.

Dad and I went to hit golf balls at the PGA Store before we went to pick you up from school.  It was lots of fun; maybe one day we’ll get you some clubs and take you to the driving range.

You had a pretty great evening, but it’s been kind of hard to get you to fall asleep with out rocking or singing to you.  I think you like snuggling with me 🙂