Year 3, Day 287

img_8419Saturdays are made for the mall; really, they are.  You were so good that I let you pick out a new Thomas the Train car.  You got Merlin the Invisible, which is a shiny chrome three-car set.


Day 5


Watching dad play Call of Duty

Yes, that’s right; mom is still trying to catch up on the blog.  Whether you think so or not, you took up a lot of our time when we first brought you home.  I’ve actually never thought that time moved faster than now.  It’s like we wake up, feed and change you, blink, and then the day is gone.

You have started watching dad play Call of Duty; it’s a video game that (I’m sure) your dad will love to teach you once you’re old enough.  Oh, and you’re dad’s good luck charm for the game.  He seems to play a better game when he’s holding you.  You partially take after mom, staring at anything that flashes and shines.  Maybe that’s why you like the TV… hm, it’s a thought.  You love the photos on the nursery wall.  When I change your diaper, I notice you staring at them.  So far, Cyclops is your favorite, but I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s the highest contrast photo and the closest to your head.