Year 3, Day 268

img_8233Oh, that smile.


Day 44

IMG_0721Aunt KK got you this onesie for Christmas.  She thought this picture was adorable, and she was right!

You had such a great day today!  You chowed down on food, slept a whole bunch, and played.  You’re starting to get used to the activity mat and play with the hanging objects more and more.  You still get a little frustrated when you hit yourself in the head accidentally, but I imagine anyone would.  You’re really strong, but all of your motor skills aren’t caught up to your strength yet.

So after a full day of eating and playing, you were trying to work out a poop.  Well, it finally happened when you and dad were having some quality time… and it happened all over dad… again.  This is the second time you’ve had a blowout on dad.  I couldn’t stop laughing!  Even when your dad told me to stop laughing, I was still laughing to myself.  I didn’t know what to do with you this time.  I took you over to the sink but decided that was a bad idea, then I took you upstairs and put you in your tub but decided that was a bad idea, and finally dad took you in the shower with him.  Oh baby, I think we win parents of the year for this one.  🙂