Day 307

IMG_3521Karate kick, take that!  You had some great energy when you came home from school today, despite having only slept for an hour during the day.  You were climbing over everything, including the activity table.

Day 305

IMG_3499I’m a little behind with the posting; this was from Tuesday.  You’re getting to be so good at standing and walking.  You’ve started bringing us things, like pieces of the foam mat, golf balls, and your trucks.  You do that at school, too.

9 Months!

IMG_3225_Fotor_CollageWell, here we are; 9 months old!  It feels like it just flew by, and then again, it feels like we’ve known you forever.  Here’s a montage of your first nine month faces.  We’ve gotten a couple really good sour faces, but mainly, you like to smile.

So, milestones:

  • walking, assisted (we call it “creeping”)
  • standing up, holding objects in both hands
  • climbing – stairs, walls, ropes… soon to be climbing out of the crib 😦
  • you say Mama, Dada, and Baba.  We’re trying to teach Hi and Bye
  • you try jumping on your own

You’re wearing 12 – 18 month clothing and we’re looking at getting you a new carseat.  You talk more than ever, you’ve found your tantrum voice, and you flirt more than ever.  You have 2 bottom teeth and I think you’re getting some on top.  Get ready for solid foods!