Year 2, Day 239

While we were out running around, it started storming out of nowhere… so we went to the nearest mall.  You love the children’s play place, but you were confused why the car doors didn’t open.  Oh, and that spot on your booty; it’s water, and it’s there because you like to empty your sippy cup into your seat.  Sneaky!

Labor Day

IMG_3437You refused food all day; not just the solids but also the table food. You would only eat a little at a time.  But you would drink all your bottles.  The bottles were not keeping you full, though.  It was about every 2 hours that you would need a bottle again.  But, you were in a pretty good mood most of the day.  We also took you to the mall play area because you love it; it was way too hot to go outside.

Day 293

IMG_3407Today was a little different than normal.  Grandma picked you up from school so dad and I could go to the Cowboys game.  This was the last preseason home game against the Houston Texans.  It was a whole lot of fun and grandma did a great job, but we missed you.  Dad missed picking you up from school, and I missed putting you to bed.

Day 267

IMG_3204It’s so exhausting being you, I tell you what!  You played so hard at gym class today; I think you enjoyed it more than ever.  You were crawling around and walking over everything!  We spent some quality time at the mall today, too, because it was really hot outside.  The mall was packed because of ‘Tax Free Weekend’.