Year 2, Day 80

You hate wearing this hat in the bathtub, but you’ll play with it in the living room.  It’s made by Piyo Piyo (which is the sound that a chick makes in the Spanish language).

Tonight you were just a talking away, jabbering about anything and everything.  And, you were giving dad ‘the business’.  🙂

Day 328

IMG_3616Dad’s home and life is good!  Back to normal today 🙂 Dad picked you up from school, and you almost didn’t know what to do with yourself.

Your walking pace has definitely picked up, to the point of almost running.  However, your balance hasn’t really gotten all that much better.  You’re getting better with sharing and putting things back in their spot.  I keep waiting for your baby babble to turn into words, which probably won’t be too far off.

Day 319

IMG_3583You still don’t like your robot friend, SkyNet.  You’re becoming more vocal about your opinions on everything.  Right before you pushed SkyNet over on his face, you told him ‘No’!  It was really funny.

So you’re officially too big for 12 month clothes… and it seems like only yesterday we stared buying you 12 month clothes.  Your eye has gotten a little worse, but we expected that.  It doesn’t seem to bother you or slow you down!

Day 202

IMG_2388My tired little buddy!  At least you feel better today.  You woke up happy and had a great day at school.  You were just talking and talking today.  You played a little today, but really just wanted to eat and sleep.  You’re using your hands and knees to army crawl around.  You’re almost to a full crawl!

Day 123

IMG_1559One, Ah Ah Ah.  Two, Ah Ah Ah.  Three, Ah Ah Ah.  You’ll learn to love the Count.  And Cookie Monster, and Big Bird, and Oscar, and Snuffleupagus.

You’re sleeping better every night, going to bed around 7:30pm and sleeping until about 6:00am.  You wake up happy, too.  Sometimes, you even talk to me in the morning.  I pretend that you’re telling me about the dreams you had in the night.

Day 118

IMG_1500You woke up so happy today, and you were on your stomach!  I think this is going to become a habit of yours because you like falling asleep on me like that.

This is the last day that you’ll be three months old; tomorrow makes 4 months!  Your eyes are still blue, still no teeth that I can see (but I know they’re coming in), you’re eating like a horse, your motor skills are improving, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to walk and talk any day now.  Dad swears he hears you say “momma” at least once a day.