Year 2, Day 77

This weather lately is crazy… Yesterday we were all bundled up, and today it’s 65.

You got to see Grandma Chapman today.  She came over to watch you for a little while so dad and I could go to Top Golf and collect our social media winnings 🙂


Father’s Day

IMG_2570Happy Father’s Day to my Awesome Husband and your awesome dad!  We spent the morning together and had breakfast as a family.  Grandma came over like normal to watch you, and dad and I went to Top Golf.  We watched the US Open at Chambers Bay on TV.  You got a tooth!  One tooth came through and one more is on the way.  And you got a walker 🙂

Mother’s Day

IMG_2147Today was Mother’s Day, your first one.  Today was very eventful, starting with tornadoes… the first ones of the season that were really close.  You slept through them, and that’s how I know you’re my son.  We also went to Top Golf where dad got me and grandma some lovely treats for Mother’s Day.  Then we went to Target and bought you more food.  Then, you and dad dropped me off at the nail salon to get a pedicure, and that’s when you had your first driving lesson.

Day 163

IMG_1956Just your average Sunday, starting with Grandma Chapman coming over to watch you for the day.  Dad and I went to Top Golf for a little while, and then we went to check out the newly open Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Then, we had some mexican food at On The Border and checked out some putters at PGA SuperStore and Golfsmith.  Dad and I both got new putters from Golfsmith!  After we used the putters on the green at Plantation, we headed to Saltgrass to meet up with Uncle Tony.  This was the first time you met Uncle Tony but definitely won’t be the last time you see him.  During dinner, you tried to grab the steak off dad’s and my plates.  Don’t worry, you’ll get steak soon enough.  You need teeth first 🙂

Day 141

This was kind of like our usual Sunday, only it was Saturday; grandma came over and watched you.  Dad and I went to Top Golf, Golfsmith, out to lunch, the mall, and we attempted to go to the grocery store.  Dad got a golf lesson, and I even got a little bit of a lesson.

When we came home, grandma said that you were great as always.  You ate almost all of your bottles almost every feeding.  She said that your cough and congestion still sounded bad, but she knows how to take good care of you.

Day 135

No pictures from today.  Just you, me, dad, and grandma; well, you and grandma for most of the day.  Dad and I went to Top Golf for a little while, and then we went to GolfTec to see our friend, Flint.

You’ve been excellent the last couple of days, even though your allergies are bothering you.  Mine and dad’s are, too.  You seem to have a little more congestion than normal, and you have a little cough again.  You’re not running a fever, so we know that you’re not “sick” and fighting anything.  We might start the breathing treatments back up to help with your cough… so you don’t get sick.

Day 128

Today started out like any other Sunday.  However, you woke up in the middle of the night and refused to go back to sleep unless you were fed.  Your doctor said that you don’t need to eat in the middle of the night, so cut it out 🙂

Grandma Chapman came over to watch you so dad and I could go hit, and grandma noticed how tired I looked.  Dad and I went to hit some golf balls, I got a golf lesson, and we went grocery shopping.

We didn’t notice that you were running a fever until we went to feed you right before bed.  You were fussy, and tired, and you just weren’t yourself.  Congratulations, you’re teething.  Try to take it easy on me and dad with the teething, okay?