Months 7-8 Must Haves

7-8Months_Fotor_Collage_FotorIt’s so hard to believe that my “little baby” boy is already 8 months old!

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table We just got this toy and Basher loves it already.  He uses it to stand and balance.  It has two settings; ABC-123s and Music, activated by turning the page on the book in the middle of the toy.  Everything makes noise! 🙂 The toy is really light weight, so our 24 pound kid can move it around easily, unfortunately.

Fisher-Price® Roll-a-Rounds™ Drop & Roar™ Dinosaur The dinosaur head is a big hit with our son!  He loves that it moves up and down as if the mouth is opening.  The top three circular holes light up when the balls are pushed through.  It plays music and makes noise, too 🙂

Kids Embrace Baby Batman Walker We searched all over town to find the Ferrari because it was the tallest walker and our son is a giant.  Then, we found this online, and how COOL is it!!!  It’s the same height as the Ferrari, but it’s a Batmobile!  We really needed something to replace the jumper he outgrew.  He’s really getting used to standing on his own in this.

VTech Spin & Learn Top This is our son’s favorite table toy at school.  It lights up, spins around, and is interactive.

Day 240

IMG_2824Well, kiddo, we finally did it.  We got rid of your swing and all your baby toys.  Now, you have toddler toys.

You love your Batmobile walker (thanks, grandma), and you’re getting the hang of how to use it.  We also got you the dinosaur and a table, both of which can be used to pull yourself into standing.  Your balance is getting better, and you can stand on your own for about 3-5 seconds before falling.  Hello, toddler-hood!

Day 239

IMG_2827It’s all about climbing and standing with you right now.  You climbed the stairs at My Gym today!  As such, dad and I wanted to get you out of the house and keep you entertained today… #parentingfail

You got so much sleep today, it threw you for a loop!

Day 237

IMG_2785We’re getting you a helmet, and I don’t care how dumb it makes you look.  You smacked your eye on your crib because you pulled yourself up into standing and let go, and you hit the back of your head at school because you did the same thing.

Maybe your Batman Batmobile walker will help you learn to walk and balance!