Day 319

IMG_3583You still don’t like your robot friend, SkyNet.  You’re becoming more vocal about your opinions on everything.  Right before you pushed SkyNet over on his face, you told him ‘No’!  It was really funny.

So you’re officially too big for 12 month clothes… and it seems like only yesterday we stared buying you 12 month clothes.  Your eye has gotten a little worse, but we expected that.  It doesn’t seem to bother you or slow you down!

Day 208

IMG_2476Yesterday was an odd one.  You were exhausted for most of the afternoon, taking a 3 hour nap at school and sleeping for an hour at home.  Then, it was like you got your second wind.  I played with you, dad played with you, you played in your jumper (which you’re taller than already), and you played on the floor.  FINALLY, you went to be around 8pm.  I don’t like this staying-up-past-your-bedtime stuff!

Day 122

IMG_1550You had your 4 month checkup today.  Guess what, you’re huge!  Well, you’re tall and skinny; quite svelte as far as babies go.  You’re 27.5 inches long/tall and 17.12 pounds, which puts you at >99% for height and 88% for weight.  You’re perfectly healthy, and the doctor said that your congestion should get better once you sit up more.  Your head should start to round out in the back since you’re starting to sleep more on your tummy.  He wants us to work on sitting and baby proofing the house.

You got shots today, too.  Your second set of boosters.  You took them like a champ and didn’t run a fever at all.  You weren’t fussy at school, but you didn’t eat very much.  Doctor said no more eating in the middle of the night, and I’m not supposed to rush to your bedside when you fuss in the night.  That will take some training on my part!

Day 99

IMG_1320Well, dad did great at his golf tournament today.  He and uncle Justin came in 8th place out of 35 teams!

Meanwhile, you and I had some quality snuggling time.  Like, all day long.  🙂

Dad was so excited about his great finish at the tournament that he went out and got me a brand new set of clubs.  The weather is supposed to be really bad tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure that we’re still going to be at Top Golf.

We finally retired all the 6 month clothes, like these cute little leggings with the fox on the butt.  So now all your clothes are either 9 or 12 months…

Day 43

Saturday, 12/27/14; aka date night for mom and dad.  We left you with Grandma Recer and went to see the final Hobbit movie in the series.  We went to the Look Theater and ran into Beck and Noreen.  They have a daughter, Zara, about your age who I’m sure you’ll meet one day.

Grandma said that you were not a happy camper while she was watching you.  Aunt KK even stopped by, and she wasn’t able to get you to calm down, either.  Grandma said that shortly after we left for the movie, you were chewing on your hands and pacifier violently, like you were starving.  Gosh, kid, it’s like we don’t feed you or something.  She’s been talking to us about putting cereal in your formula, but I want to talk to the doctor about that first.  Grandma finally got you to sleep around 9 and we got home shortly thereafter.

Day 38

IMG_0665You love your new play mat.  Dad and I got you the Baby Einstein play mat at Buy Buy Baby today.  We figured that since you’re staying awake longer and longer between feedings, you need to be able to entertain yourself.  I think it’s working!

You’re 13.2 pounds already.  I think I’m developing carpel tunnel.  And you’re almost too big for the size small sleep sack.  I think you’re starting to learn what communication is… you’ve been cooing and shooting me these looks lately, like you know what’s going on and you have something to contribute.

Dad and I definitely have our roles established with you; he’s the protector and entertainer, and I’m the comforter and nurturer.  Dad holds you and you instantly want to play, then I hold you and you want to fall asleep.  Note to self: letting dad play with you right before bedtime is a bad thing.

Day 34

IMG_0628Day 34… it’s hard to believe that you’ve been here for 34 days already!  In some ways it feels like time has just flown by.. and in other ways it feels like 34 of the longest days of my life.

Fortunately, we’re sleeping better.  Every night for the last week you’ve slept for at least 5.5 hours at a time.  Keep it up, buddy!  We increased your bottles, too.  Now you’re eating about 5 ounces pretty regularly, so we’re making 6 ounce bottles.  We don’t want you to waste away to nothing 🙂

When we were buying clothes for you (before you were born), we decided to get bigger clothes starting at 3 months because we knew that you would be long.  We also decided to get footed outfits and onesies because your birthday is in a winter month.  Well, you don’t like footed outfits.  So all the cuteness that we had planned for you in the form of footed outfits is going to waste… like this gem with the raccoon on the rear end and feet.  You were so much happier after I took you out of this outfit and put you in a long sleeve onesie.

Grandma Chapman came over today to get her baby fix.  Dad got his new golfing irons.  Since the weather was bad, we spent the night at home watching the Austrian edition of Booze Traveler.  We decided that we want to live in Austria… or anywhere with pretty mountains… but that’s always been a dream.