IMG_3740Today is also daylight savings time, so we tried to keep you awake and alert as long as possible so the transition wouldn’t be tough for you.  Grandma got you this Halloween costume… which you got sick on, so we didn’t wear it out to the mall.  We let you ‘cry-it-out’ for the first time during nap time today.  That probably won’t happen again.

Day 328

IMG_3616Dad’s home and life is good!  Back to normal today 🙂 Dad picked you up from school, and you almost didn’t know what to do with yourself.

Your walking pace has definitely picked up, to the point of almost running.  However, your balance hasn’t really gotten all that much better.  You’re getting better with sharing and putting things back in their spot.  I keep waiting for your baby babble to turn into words, which probably won’t be too far off.

Day 312

Sooooo, you took a nose-dive on day 311, and I’m not going to post any pictures of that.  Sometimes your feet get behind you when you’re walking… and you’ve only recently learned to walk anyway.  I know that I freaked out about it more than you did; you were fine minutes after it happened, and I was the one who was awake all night worrying.  I know that these bumps and bruises are just the beginning of you being a boy.  You were a trooper!  And today, you’ve been really happy.  And you slept all night last night (after taking an entire bottle at 9pm).

Day 300

IMG_3467First thing after we dropped you off, you had to show Miss Janice how good you’re walking now.  She loved it!  In the afternoon, you showed your teachers how you walk to dad and me, too.

You got a bath as soon as we got home today, but something was different.  We put in a froggy padded faucet cover and some non-skid stick-ems.  Dad gave you some miniature rubber duckies to play with, and those actually kept you sitting in the bathtub.  Amazing!