9 Months!

IMG_3225_Fotor_CollageWell, here we are; 9 months old!  It feels like it just flew by, and then again, it feels like we’ve known you forever.  Here’s a montage of your first nine month faces.  We’ve gotten a couple really good sour faces, but mainly, you like to smile.

So, milestones:

  • walking, assisted (we call it “creeping”)
  • standing up, holding objects in both hands
  • climbing – stairs, walls, ropes… soon to be climbing out of the crib 😦
  • you say Mama, Dada, and Baba.  We’re trying to teach Hi and Bye
  • you try jumping on your own

You’re wearing 12 – 18 month clothing and we’re looking at getting you a new carseat.  You talk more than ever, you’ve found your tantrum voice, and you flirt more than ever.  You have 2 bottom teeth and I think you’re getting some on top.  Get ready for solid foods!

Day 144

IMG_1712You’re so cute!  My heart melts every time I see those dimples!

Dad had to go to Austin for the day, but he made sure we were all set up for an easy morning.  Your dad’s awesome, kiddo.  It was easy getting you up, easy feeding you, and easy giving you the breathing treatment.

You must have missed dad today, because when he picked you up from school, all you wanted to do was play.  And it was a little rough getting you to sleep.  Once you were asleep, though, it was peace and quiet for a whole night!

Four Months

IMG_1539This is you at four months old.  Friday, the 13th again… You’re the most popular infant at school.  Everyone calls you Mr. Smiles.  In addition to everything from month three, you’ve mastered the following:

  • facial expression imitation
  • support your whole weight on your legs
  • enjoy social play
  • reach with one hand, struggle for toys out of reach
  • track moving objects
  • you can almost sit up by yourself
  • responding to sound by making sounds

Your arms and hands are starting to hone in on objects, specifically anything on a face.  You grab Miss Janice’s glasses, my nose and mouth, dad’s ears, and grandma’s hair.  You’re loving being able to sleep on your tummy, and you tolerate tummy time a lot longer than you used to.  You’re such a stud!!!

Day 103

IMG_1360School is OPEN!  Yay!!!  You get so excited when you know you’re getting packed up to go to school.  However, I think you got really mad at school and threw a fit.  The proof is all over your face.  You gave yourself a gash on the nose and scratch on the head.  Despite all that, you’re still the happiest baby.  Mr. Smiles is what the teachers call you.

Trying to get back on schedule was a little hard after being home for 4 straight days.  You got fussy, had your last bottle at 6pm, and fell asleep.  And it was hard to get you to fall asleep.  Then you woke up at 1am to eat… and I had to wake you up at 6am to start day 104.  We’ll get back on schedule.  🙂

Day 94

IMG_1274I know Monday’s are fun for you because you get to go to school and hang out with your friends and play, but Mondays suck for dad and me.

If this picture had a soundtrack, it would sound like laughing.  That was all you were doing while you were gumming your fist.  And you weren’t even trying to eat it, you were just sticking it up to your mouth… like everything these days.  Everything goes in the mouth.  And you’ve been drooling buckets… maybe it’s time for some teeth?

You wanted to party with dad tonight.  You guys stayed up almost until 10pm because someone didn’t want to go to sleep.  With me being sick right now, I had to go to bed around 9.  Dad did an excellent job lulling you to sleep 🙂