Year 4, Day 20

img_9843You got a Lego table today.  It was supposed to be for Christmas, but Daddy couldn’t wait for you to have it.  Obviously, you instantly started playing Lego Batman!


Year 3, Day 343

img_9332These pictures don’t capture all the fun things we got to experience at Team Family Farms!  We got to ride 3 tractors, do a bean bag toss, try to pull some pumpkins in a wagon (it didn’t budge), learned how a well water pump works, ran through a hay maze, fed some cows, llamas, and billygoats, chased chickens, petted a bunny, played in the sandbox, rode on a tractor train with our friend, Buttons, and played in the little prairie houses.  We had SO MUCH FUN!

Year 3, Day 308

img_8681We seriously had so much fun today!  We went to Hope Park in the morning and followed that with the splash pad.  After a nap, we met up with Grammy and then saw more friends at Little Elm Autumn Fest.